Snake Charmer

Abby is not your typical girl. She loves bugs and snakes and other things most girls tend to shy away from. While at dinner at my parents house one evening she found this snake early in our visit. She did not leave the snake for the entire evening. She had it crawling all over her, made it a little house, and was trying to convince us that we should take it home with us. We didn't. Since then she looks for it whenever we go over to visit. I am so glad that Abby is passionate about the things she loves and that she doesn't follow the crowd. I hope she uses her love of animals in her life to do good things in the world. She'd be a great vet or scientist!


Heather said...

EWWWwwww, snakes give me the creeps! My daughter likes 'em too, as long as they don't rattle that is!

Ashley S. Harmon said...

Wow, what a gal! :)