"Always leave room in your garden for fairies to dance"

That is a quote that is on a plaque in my mother-in-law's garden... except it says angels instead of fairies. One warm Sunday afternoon, Abby picked these vines off our grapevine and made these adorable wreaths for Afton and her to wear. They pretended they were fairies and danced around the backyard. I couldn't help but think of that quote as I watched them. They were so sweet dancing and giggling together... and they looked so beautiful in their hand-made wreaths... it was one of those moments I was very grateful to be a mother of daughters.


Karen Webb said...

What cute girls you have!!! I could just eat them up:)

Aubrey said...

They are so cute! If I could I would take them down to the shakespeare festival where all the other fairies are. That's what they reminded me of in the pictures. Cute kiddies!

Heather said...

these pics, will give them such sweet sister memories one day