Easter Sunday

Easter morning was a bit of a rush. We have church at 9:00 am and the choir was meeting at 8:15 am to run through the songs for the meeting that morning. I barely got a picture of what the Easter Bunny brought us before we had to rush and get ready to get out the door.
Our baskets full of yummy treats.
Lots of outside toys to keep us busy and out of the house this summer. Bubbles, play-doh, squirt guns, sidewalk chalk, and a sprinkler toy... looks like we are going to have a blast!!

After church we took pictures of all the kids in their Easter clothes:
What a good lookin' group. We decided not to do the 'matchy-matchy' clothes this year and we just used things we already had... Quite frankly, I just didn't feel like shopping this year!
Max, 11 1/2 years old
Abigail, 7 3/4 years old
Afton Grace, 2 1/2 years old
Love that face!
Cole, 7 months old. 
This was the best picture we could get of him... 
he kept crawling to eat the dirt!!
We finally had Chris hold him up so he couldn't get away. 
I love that precious smile.
Roxy was NOT loving the bunny ears.

You can re-visit my actual Easter Sunday post here
It's a beautiful message and is meaningful any time of year.

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