Happy Birthday, Mom!!

My mom's visit just happened to coincide with her birthday, which was awesome because we don't usually get to spend it with her. I called all the local relatives and we planned a big, fancy dinner at The Harvest Restaurant at Thanksgiving Point. Seriously one of the best nights ever. We had a blast. The food and service were great and we laughed and laughed. It was exhausting. Reminded me why I love my family so much!! Everyone brought lovely gifts for my mom, we sang to her, she got to blow out a candle and we even went around the table and told our favorite things about her. It was so fun to honor someone who does so much for all of us and spoil her for the night. I think she enjoyed it too!
Later in the evening we got a little silly with the camera. 
This is my Uncle Joel... he used to be a mime so he can make his face do the craziest things:

Self Portrait:
Cassidy, my brother Joel and I practicing our best facebook/myspace profile poses:
My very attractive husband:
Okay, funny story: While getting ready for the evening, Cassidy came into my room to ask if her outfit looked okay and we were wearing the exact same thing... literally! So, I changed. When we arrived at the restaurant my cute cousin, Katlin, and I were wearing the same thing! Of course, she looked much trendier than I did!
The whole group outside after dinner (minus Eric, who had to hurry back to work). 
What a great family!!
PS. If any of you want any of these pictures just right click on it and you can save it to your computer.


Rachel said...

Wow you did a lot of post love all of them!!! Love all the photos.

Brit said...

Sooo jealous! You guys are one of the biggest things I miss about Utah.

Melanie said...

It was a great evening of food and family!

{sara} said...

What a fun evening...Happy Birthday Bevan! (a little late)

Anonymous said...

I love all the funny faces. And I think I need a brown polka-dot shirt.